Beth Sebby

Owner | Certified CrossFit Level 2 Trainer | Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer | Certified CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer | Certified CF Kids Trainer | Certified Personal Trainer | Certified Les Mills Body Combat Instructor | Liscensed Zumba Instructor | AED/CPR Certified

As a kid who was easily bored, I played pretty much every sport, and did every physical activity one could imagine.  Before Kids sports became so all-consuming, it was possible to play soccer, be on a swim team, play tennis, skate, do gymnastics, ride horses…etc., all at once!  I loved to be active, loved to try and master new things, loved the feeling of accomplishment associated with giving it your all!

After graduating from college I moved to New York City, where it was difficult to maintain such an active and varied lifestyle. Life was all about work, and I soon found that the only way to maintain my fitness was to go to the gym, which while effective, was also incredibly tedious. It wasn’t long before I stumbled across Group Fitness classes, and fell in love with this seemingly more “social” and fun way to exercise.

Fast forward fifteen years and I am a stay at home Mom with a little one, and an enthusiastic Group Fitness participant; continually seeking out new and exciting programs in the area to further challenge my fitness level, and satiate my desire for variety. After the birth of my second daughter, I took my interest in Group Fitness to the next level and became an instructor myself, ultimately becoming certified in a few varied disciplines. I worked hard to provide my participants with high-energy workouts that were challenging and effective, but also fun! I absolutely loved helping them achieve their goals, and knew I would be an instructor for a long time.  Still, for myself I was looking for something different…something not so “one note”.

One day a participant in one of my classes asked about this thing called “CrossFit”.  I quickly told her it was just a fad, and brushed it off.  That night I realized I had no business “brushing it off” if I had never tried it, so off I went the next day to the nearest CrossFit Box to see what it was all about. Even as a supposedly “Fit” Fitness Instructor, I was scared to death.  It seemed so intense…I didn’t know anyone…what if I looked silly…I almost didn’t walk through the door. But I did, and my fears were soon put to rest as I was immediately welcomed by the group and after a bit of assessment, was given a variation of the workout that day that was just right for me.

In CrossFit I found that variety, challenge, and feeling of accomplishment I had been missing since I was a kid! So many new things to learn, so many goals to set and achieve, so many fears to overcome…a physical, psychological, and social journey that was all my own. It wasn’t long before I became a CrossFit Trainer, dedicated to helping people achieve their own goals and overcome their own fears.  Years later my enthusiasm and passion for this CrossFit has only grown, and having the opportunity to bring that passion to others on a larger scale has been a dream come true!

My mission at Chester Springs CrossFit is to turn EVERYONE on to this life-changing “Sport of Fitness”! To show people that regardless of age, experience, or fitness level…this is something YOU CAN DO!  To rediscover the FUN in being active, being challenged, and accomplishing new things you never thought possible!